AsianFeast.org was originally founded in 2003 by Senesi Michele and Martina L. Colorio as a simple discussion forum on the ashes of previously formed cultural and literary experiences. Few months of activity were enough to start a web portal which has nowadays become a reference for every fan of Asian cinema and culture.

During its existence the number of collaborators has constantly increased including many professionals and authors, whose efforts have been meaningful and influential for Italian criticism. AsianFeast.org gave also birth to its popular spin-off project: dinaMiike, a sub-site actually reabsorbed into the newly re-designed homepage, which was the first webpage entirely devoted to Miike Takashi’s work. AsianFeast.org has also been the home to many authors of books, periodicals, anthologies, essays and articles for both paper and electronic magazines. Our collaborations have also included the development of original material for Nocturno Cinema, Horror Show, Bizzarro Magazine, the DVD extras for Ichi the Killer, books and anthologies (Park Chan-wook, Alia, etc.). Our experience has been regularly accompanied with contests, events, the constant presence at many festivals as media partner and lastly the debut into audio-video production with PALONEROfilm Company.

The other sides of AsianFeast.org are:

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